Just like we humans can have seasonal allergies, or allergies to foods or other products, so can our pets. But instead of a runny nose or watery eyes, your dog or cat is much more likely to experience a skin reaction.

The following signs may mean your pet is allergic to foods, pollen, grasses or other stimuli:

  • Constantly scratching or biting skin
  • Inflamed or infected skin
  • Increased shedding
  • Paw licking or chewing
  • Scooting or licking the anal region
  • Repeated ear infections

In addition, food allergies can cause stomach problems in your pet, such as chronic diarrhea.

Food allergies, while less common, are best identified by an elimination diet, where your veterinarian prescribes a strict trial diet for several weeks, followed by by reintroducing the suspected problem foods slowly after that.

We can always help treat your pet’s allergy symptoms with prescription allergy medications, shampoos or wipes.